The Director

The Agency is led by a director appointed by the Swedish government. Fredrik Lennartsson assumed the position of Director of the Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis on 1 April 2011.

The Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis is a small agency that wants to make a difference by reviewing and analysing health care delivery from the patients' perspective. Here is Mr. Lennartsson's brief description of the Agency:

"Our task is to review and analyse, but the vision itself is to push development so that health and care services are better able to put the individual in the centre," he says.

Our ambition is to contribute to a new perspective in Swedish health care and social care. This starts with the patient – both in a broader sense and in a more concrete way than was done previously. In other words: The Agency must look at health care delivery, care, and dental care through the patient's and citizen's eyes.

"How do we know we have a patient's perspective? That's not completely self-evident. It's a matter of looking at the issues that are relevant from the patient's perspective, but also to do it in a way that is permeated by that perspective."

DIRECTOR of the Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services since April 2011. Graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics. Worked for over 10 years on national and international health issues at the Ministry of Social Affairs in such positions as the head of the International Unit and as deputy head for the Health Care Unit. Previously, he also worked on developing health systems in underdeveloped countries.

His image of Swedish health care is that there are many examples of it working properly, but health care delivery is, to far too great an extent, still organised from the demands of the operations than from the needs of the patients.