The Patients’ Council

The Patients’ Council helps the Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis to identify relevant areas for analysis and review. The council is appointed by the Agency board of directors and consists of representatives of patients and users of health and social care services.

  • Lennart Areskog, Head of Skåne Region's Patient Advisory Committee (Patientnämnden i region Skåne)
  • Angelica Frithiof, Consultant and Educator
  • Andreas Hager, Attorney, founder of Genia — A life like yours and mine
  • Håkan Hedman, Chair, Swedish Kidney Association (Njurförbundet)
  • Stina-Clara Hjulström, Chair, The Dementia Association (Demensförbundet)
  • Sausan Ismail, Doula and Health Guide
  • Lars Berge-Kleber, Vice-Chair, The Swedish Disability Federation (Handikappförbunden)
  • Tove Lindahl Greve, Head of Management, Young Cancer (Ung cancer)
  • Veronica Lindberg, Ombudsman, Psoriasis Association (Psoriasisförbundet)
  • Anders Lönnberg, Chair, Stockholm Diabetes Association (Storstockholms diabetesförbund)
  • Sara Riggare, Researcher at Karolinska Institute and Chief Patient Officer at Nerve
  • Inger Ros, National President, Swedish Heart and Lung Association( Hjärt- och lungsjukas Riksförbund)
  • Inga-Lott Thörnell, Member, The Swedish Pensioner Association (Sveriges Pensionärsförbund, SPF)
  • Per G Torell, Chair, The Swedish Schizofrenia Association (Schizofreniförbundet)
  • Calle Waller, Vice-Chair, Prostate Cancer Association (Prostatacancerförbundet)
  • Anna Wångmar, Head of Unit, Sörmland County's Patient Advisory Committee